Used to compare hash values to verify integrity of the download.

What's a Hash?

Hashes, sometimes called checksums, of files are pseudo-unique values of files given in a hexidecimal string most commonly. [0-9 & A-F] The hash of a file does not speak to the files safety directly, but rather its integrity and its authenticity. By comparing a given hash from a trusted source to the hash of a file generated by a program you run, you can know whether or not bit-for-bit you have the exact copy of what you should have. In the tranfer of files, including downloading, sometimes things happen and files can become corrupted or damaged, just as though you are moving you funiture from house to house sometimes. The occurence of "damage" is rare, but it does happen, and it can cause problems.

Should I get a hash value and compare, is it that important?

In doing something the correct way yes. It can take sometime considering the large size of the file, but why not do it the correct way and avoid potentially bad issues. It's your time, it's your device, it's your "stuff" we encourage you to take care of it responsibly!

What's HashTab?

A highly recommended program that runs on Windows and Mac OS X. You can simply download and install it from . You will need a valid E-Mail address to download your free personal copy. 

How do I use this?

We will make a video on "how to" in a bit...